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Notes on Contributors


J. C. Bittenbender is a professor of English at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania, where he specialises in modern Scottish and Irish literature.

Lawrence Buell of Harvard University is the author, among other books, of The Environmental Imagination, Writing for an Endangered World, and The Future of Environmental Criticism.

Stuart Kelly is the Literary Editor of Scotland on Sunday and a regular contributor to BBC Radio Scotland's The Book Cafe. He has written The Book of Lost Books (2005) which has been published in 17 countries and has written introductions to Buchan's Midwinter and Scott's The Highland Widow, as well as an essay on contemporary Scottish literature in its European context for the Scottish Government. He has recently edited Headshook, an anthology of 24 contemporary Scottish writers. He has presented radio documentaries on Pictish gospels and Disraeli's brief career as a press magnate. His next book, Scott-Land: How an Author Invented a Nation, will appear in 2010

Iain Lambert is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Kyorin University, Tokyo. His primary fields of interest in terms of research are in World Englishes and postcolonial literature, in particular the use of non-standard forms and the status of Pidgins in literature.

Dougal McNeill teaches in the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sophia University Tokyo.

Laurence Nicoll has taught at the universities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen. He is currently working on a study of Robin Jenkins' The Cone-Gatherers.

Glenda Norquay is Professor of Scottish Literary Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. She is the author of Robert Louis Stevenson and Theories of Reading (MUP, 2007) and is currently working on an edition of St Ives.

Andrew J. Sneddon did his PhD on ‘Discourses of Race, Place and Nationalism in the Writing of Neil M. Gunn’. He is currently editing a collection of Gunn’s political writing and is the guest editor of the inaugural edition of The Gunn Circle, which will be out later in 2009. Other publications include a co-edited book on poetry titled The Body and the Book: Writings on Poetry and Sexuality.

Michael H. Whitworth is Tutorial Fellow in English, Merton College, and University Lecturer in Twentieth-Century Literature, Oxford University. He is the author of Einstein's Wake: Relativity, Metaphor and Modernist Literature (2001), Virginia Woolf (2005), and Reading Modernist Poetry (forthcoming, 2010), and of articles and chapters on modernist literature and its contexts. He has published on Hugh MacDiarmid in Scottish Studies Review and Notes and Queries.