Occasional Papers


Issue One: Manfred Malzahn on recent German-language Stevenson criticism

Issue Two: Peter McCarey, 'Bye-Bye Bakhtin'

Issue Three: Christopher Whyte, 'The Debt to Theory: Letter to the Editors of IJSL'

Issue Four: Special Issue on Caribbean-Scottish Passages

Kei Miller, 'But in Glasgow, There are Plantains'

Murdo Macdonald, 'The uneasiness inherent to culture: A note on Michael Visocchi's Memorial to the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade'

Andrew O. Lindsay, 'Burns as "Negro-Driver" or "Illustrious Exile": Revisiting Illustrious Exile: Journal of my Sojourn in the West Indies (2006)'

Issue Five: Stuart Kelly, 'How Tartan is Your Text?'

Issue Seven: James Costa, 'Language, Ideology and the "Scottish Voice"'

Issue Eight: Stefanie Preuss, 'Now That's What I Call a Scottish Canon!'



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